Thursday, January 24, 2008

a vocabulary lesson

Anyone who has known me for 30 minutes knows I slip uncommon words into conversation... I think it comes from having grown up with two parents who are certified word-nerds... Use of language is important to me, probably more important than it should be-- deep down, I am enthralled by our language. So...

Over the last three weeks I have been mulling over the word ORDAINED. the first idea this word evokes is "minister," as in "ordained minister." it may even call to mind the phrase "ordained as sons (daughters) of Christ" as employed by Paul in several of his letters to the scattered church. but what does it MEAN? Ordained means "called," or "appointed." but what lies beyond this simple definition?

Just as a wine connoisseur savors the subtle "textures" in the bouquet, I enjoy delving into the textures of words. So when I delve into ORDAINED, it doesn't just mean called or appointed. It evokes a sense of purpose and design. As in: I am ordained to be part of this body of believers and therefore, specific design and purpose to the calling to which I respond.

"Before you were formed, I knew you. before you were made, I predestined you..."
Jer. 1:1.

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