Saturday, March 10, 2007

Here we go

We are one month and 8 days from when we will have to tell the apartment landlord that we will not renew our lease on June 18 (we have to give 60-days notice). Roger's been accepted to school... but that's about all we know.

Back up!

Sometime this past September, Roger and I came to the definite realization that he needed to pursue a job other than what he's doing now, and after much discussion and prayer (and prodding from me), we decided that he should go back to school at Liberty U for a masters in theology (or similar). At the time, this venture seemed miles away but nonetheless, we knew it's what we wanted to pursue.

Roger studied his head off for the GRE which he took on January 12 and did extremely well. Immediately, he applied for the school and a month later, found out he was in for sure. He then began working on getting a job with the school since LU employees receive free schooling (to compensate for the less-than-grand paychecks). Roger's application has been approved.

I had an interview at a Job Fair for Lynchburg City Schools back on February 24 and now, 2 full weeks later, no details have emerged. Since I have no clue as to the status of my application-- maybe they didnt like me and I won't get an offer; maybe they DID like me and I'll eventually get an offer... or who knows. I have applied to a couple different school systems and am in the process of having various people at my current school write me recommendation letters. I'm even considering just applying for "a" job at LU-- just to have something in hand.

And this is March.

Did I mention we want to buy a house? We may not get to right away but we would LOVE to be able to move right into a free-standing single-family home. We have to have jobs before we can get a mortgage. We want to get a house but we have to take care of some things first.

And this is March.

So what we are currently doing is sitting on our hands and praying like mad that God will see it within His will to provide us with jobs so we can get a mortgage loan and make an offer and buy a house and move in a house... oh and did I mention we wanted to close on the house in early May because late May through early June are booked solid with weddings and the like?

And this is March.

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