Monday, March 28, 2011

Taste and See

I have been really slack lately in reading for growth; sure I have read a novel here and there, magazines (actually more often than the novels), and the like, but other than reading through CS Lewis's Mere Christianity (with a friend), I have really not been reading as I should. When we joined Cedar Springs Presbyterian back in December we received a free copy of John Piper's Taste and See, 140 meditations; it sat upon a bookshelf until this morning when I grabbed it on my way out the door. Today the 10th graders are taking the PLAN test and I am proctoring since I teach 10th grade. I figured that today would be a good day to get back into some much- needed reading. As it so happens, the first meditation was chock- full of reminders as to exactly why I should be reading for growth... Perfect! so here is a brief reflection on what I read today:

I cannot ever read Zephaniah 3: 17-18 without thinking of my 9th grade science teacher and 10th grade Bible elective teacher, Mrs. Ferguson. She lived every day depending on the Lord for renewal and strength. It was evident from her daily life that she loved the Lord and desired to serve him with her whole life-- not with parts of it, but with all of it, just as we are called to do. I can look back on all of high school and recall a handful of teachers who showed me Christ in everything they did. I hope that when my students look back on high school, they will remember me, not for being a great science teacher, but for showing them the love of Christ.

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