Saturday, May 16, 2009


This past weekend, I attended a graduation ceremony in North Carolina for my younger brother.  It was an excellent time to be with my immediate and extended family as we celebrated his accomplishment, so the purpose of this reflection is absolutely not to say that I felt that my time in NC was mis-spent or mis-placed…  that being said…

All week long, I have lacked focus spiritually. my prayer life hasn’t been the same; i have been less drawn to the Word, and when I HAVE read, have found myself having trouble gleaning meaning from the words on the page.  I feel disconnected.  I think that a huge part of this is because I did not connect with my church body this past Sunday.  Until this past weekend, I did not fully realize the importance and impact of connecting weekly with a body of believers.  I met with a few individuals over the week, but the impact is distinctly not the same.  It isn’t that I didn’t *know* the importance and benefits of fellowship, but the impact of it was noticeable this week, by the opposite effect— by the lack of fellowship. 

I’m hoping that as people read this, that one of three things is true of you:

1. You belong to a church body of which you play an active and meaningful role; therefore you relate to me in that you distinctly miss the fellowship when you can’t be a part of it.

2. You are not currently in a fellowshipping body of believers, but you were at one time; so this reminds you of what you’re missing—of what you need to get back to.

3. You have never been part of a body of believers that shares impactful, meaningful fellowship, and now your wheels are turning—hmm, I should explore what it means to belong to a church family in the real sense of belonging—ownership, participation, contribution, sacrifice, joy: love.

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